4 Elements of Better Branding Your Startup in 2020

4 Elements of Better Branding Your Startup in 2020

4 Elements of Better Branding Your Startup in 2020

Breann Cook
Renowned fashion designer with a flair for the simplistic and unique style.

When starting a business branding is incredibly important to attracting and keeping your dream clients/supporters. It is important to make them feel at home. Want to know if yours makes the cut?

Here are 5 elements that I swear by:

1. Choice of Font

I strongly believe that a font can make or break not your business logo, but your website’s header. What kind of feeling or emotion are you hoping to give? Who are the kind of clients you are hoping to gain attention from? Creatives? Sophistication? Edgy? Girly? These are only just a few of the questions you should consider?

2. Choice of Color Palette

When establishing your brand identity your color palette is very important. Might just be the most important element of all because certain colors evoke certain emotions psychologically. For example if you have a spa business or are starting a spa business you shouldn’t use the color read that reads attention & aggressive grabbing which give off a totally different vibe than relaxation. So your brand colors should be cohesive and give the vibe of energy of the dream clients/customers you’re hoping to attract. If you’re unsure of where to start to go onto Pinterest, search brand color palettes and be prepared to scroll!

3. A Strong Voice

In today’s times people like knowing the person behind the brand. So it is important to build strong voices because without one your brand is nothing. I recommend just being your true self. Not saying you should go around cursing non-stop like crazy, or sending out newsletters full of grammatical errors, but you don’t want to sound like a robot. People like to hear from people, not a computer!

4. Have Clear Direction

 When people visit your website they should know exactly who and what you’re there to serve and what you can do. Same goes for your social media, it should tell a clear story, not just products pushing to sell.

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