Ways To Keep Your Immune System Strong - backup

Hey Ambitionistas! I know it’s been a while since we posted an article. I know many of us are juggling like crazy WFH and being teacher assistants for our kiddos. With that being said I wanted to share some ways of how we can take care of ourselves and keep our immune systems strong especially as the cooler months are rolling in. Because during this whole time of us experiencing this pandemic all we’ve been told is to wear a mask, wash our hands, and get ready for these vaccinations that no one I know personally is down for, but have yet to tell us ways to truly take care of ourselves. 

 So I wanted to share some herbs and vitamins that I use to keep my family and I immune systems strong. As we are officially in Fall and colder months have already approached many of us depending on where you live.  Let’s stock up and be ready like many herbalists who keep their arsenal stocked and ready. But, what if you find you don’t have the herbs you need? What if the herbs you need are not readily available in your area?  Luckily, there are plenty of herbs you can buy at your local supermarket or apothecary stores so that you can prevent catching a cold/flu this season.  

 Below, I am explaining all of the herbs and vitamins below:

Irish Sea Moss: Irish moss contains 92 of the 102 minerals that our bodies need, along with Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K. It is especially rich in calcium and iodine, as well as containing potassium iodide and potassium bromide, selenium, zinc, and natural silica. Not only is it very beneficial to the bones, joints, and skin, helping to maintain bone strength and skin elasticity, it can also be applied topically to moisten and nourish the skin and hair.    

 Black Seed Oil: Black seed is a plant. People have used the seed to make medicine for over 2000 years. It was even discovered in the tomb of King Tut. Historically, black seed has been used for headache, toothache, nasal congestion, and intestinal worms. It has also been used for “pink eye, pockets of infection (abscesses), and parasites.  Today, black seed is used for treating digestive tract conditions including gas, colic, diarrhea, dysentery, constipation and hemorrhoids. It is also used for respiratory conditions including asthma, allergies, cough, bronchitis, emphysema, flu, swine flu, and congestion. Other uses include lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol levels, treating cancer and boosting the immune system.    

 Elderberry: The berries and flowers of elderberry are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that may boost your immune system. They can help tame inflammation, lessen stress, and help protect your heart, too. Some experts recommend elderberry to help prevent and ease cold and flu symptoms. 

 Oregano Oil: I love oregano oil. Oregano is used for respiratory tract disorders such as coughs, asthma, croup and bronchitis. It is also used for gastrointestinal (GI) disorders such as heartburn and bloating. Other uses include treating menstrual cramps, rheumatoid arthritis, urinary tract disorders including urinary tract infections (UTIs), headaches, and heart conditions. Thanks to the high levels of carvacrol, oregano oil may help fight certain types of bacteria. Oregano oil also appears to be a potent antifungal agent thanks to high levels of thymol.

My favorite brands/stores to purchase these items are: Triibe 5, Nappily Naturals, Simply Wholesome all black owned.

They are also available at your local Whole Food or Sprouts grocery store.

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