4 Ways To Kick Procrastination To The Curb

4 Ways To Kick Procrastination To The Curb

4 Ways To Kick Procrastination To The Curb

Bree C
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Hey Ambitious Girl,

Procrastination is a crutch for many of us. We have done it. Whether we’re afraid, overwhelmed or downright lazy, sometimes our responsibilities can seem so massive that we’d rather not deal with them right away [or at all] sigh!

When faced with an arduous task don’t panic. Follow these simple steps for increased productivity and to finally kick procrastination to the curb once and for all.

1. Jump In

The first, most simple way to kick procrastination to the curb is to just get started. Sometimes the best way to get rid of the procrastination bug is to not even allow it to become a thing. Just do it.

Starting right away eliminates chances for procrastination to set in. The quicker we get started, the closer we are to the finish line. Easier said than done, right? Well if that doesn’t work and a little more effort is needed, there are other courses of action to take.

2. Break It Down

Breaking down goals into smaller, simpler tasks is another way to kick procrastination to the curb.

It’s important to understand the end goal of any project we are working on. Figuring out the first steps can help us get organized. If you have a bunch of different tasks to accomplish start there. Break each assignment down into individual tasks. Take a look at the desired outcome and then work backwards. Make a list of the steps it will take to get to that end result.

Remember, the idea here is to make massive tasks seem less overwhelming. Don’t to become further stressed by making this process another tedious task. Keep it simple.

3. Map It Out

Now that we’ve decided what needs to be done, we can set a plan for executing. This will look different depending on which projects we’re working on.

Once your projects are broken down prioritize the steps.

Ambition Pro-tip: Always start with the hardest, most time consuming step when trying to get things done. Many times, once we’ve tackled the most difficult tasks the rest just seems to flow.

There are many different tools we can use to help get things done efficiently when mapping out tasks. To-do lists, for example, can be a magical tool as long as we stick to them. Take the list of broken down tasks and organize them in order of how each will be completed. Planners and calendars are great tools for scheduling. They don’t have to be utilized in conventional ways to lead to success either. When working through blog or social media posts, utilize content calendars to map out topics to be covered each month. This saves time and creates a level of consistency that’s important to building and maintaining an audience.

Creating an “order of operations” for projects is another tool that can be used to stop procrastination. An easy way to create an order of operations is to figure out “In order for this to happen, these other things need to happen” and make a list.

4. Create a Schedule.

After our project is broken down and the steps are prioritized, schedules can be very helpful to working through procrastination.

Set dates and times to complete each of the items on your lists. Make the start date as early as possible. Be as detailed as needed to ensure that the schedule is being utilized.

Just like to-do list, it is imperative that we also stick to the schedules we create. Their purpose is to help us eliminate procrastination, not help push deadlines further into the future.

“Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week"

Now that you’ve set yourself up for success go ahead and tackle those goals!

Make a habit of getting stuff done like the Ambitious Woman you are!

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