5 Types of Friends Every Entrepreneur Must Have

5 Types of Friends Every Entrepreneur Must Have

5 Types of Friends Every Entrepreneur Must Have

Bree C
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1. Mentor

Is the one who is going to inspire you, they are often two or more steps ahead of you. They can offer support not in the sense they built a huge business, but in the sense a couple of steps ahead and can offer advice such as instead of doing xyz... this way, maybe you should try doing this. They'll give you a different perspective, but they help you think and flush the idea out. The mentor is focused, goal-oriented, and is a person that you know if you go to them they'll give some sound advice and support sharing their wisdom with you. They are the #1 friend that you go to for inspiration & keep you inspired when you maybe in a halt or when you need to talk out an idea

2. The Honest Friend

This is the friend that you go to when you want the truth and nothing, but the truth! Don't go to this friend if you want some fluff. There are going to be times when you need some fluff in your life, but this isn't the friend to offer that. So don't go to this friend if you don't want honest talk. This friend listens first, they are the type of friend that is going to listen to everything you have to say, before they form a opinion. They are non-judgmental & they offer support. Their opinion may not always be what you like to hear. So it is important that you know when to go to this friend because they are going to tell you the truth and give you tough love. But remember it comes from a great place.

3. The Cheerleader

It's so important to have this person in your life whether it is your mom, significant other, whoever, because this person is going to be the one to cheer you on no matter if the idea is to far fetch, has been done before, you've tried it, but failed etc. They are going to reassure you can do it & have your back 110% with your best interest in mind. It is important to have that friend that is on the same wave length as you. You need that person that is going to see and share that vision with you.

4. The Fun Friend

This fun loving person, is the friend you need to call when you have to get your mind off of work. They are the person that will get your mind off of whatever it is you need to get your mind off of, they are all about partying and having a good time. They love to celebrate and are just a blast to be around. Being around them is just a joy and helps you unwind as well need that sometimes. This is a friend you call when you are in need of a good time, have had a bad day, or just need to get away, not in need of advice.

5. The Risk Taker

The risk taker is the friend you call when you have an crazy idea, but you need someone to be like yes that's crazy, but I totally get it. They are the friend that has had success with risking it all and have gained back more than what.

6. Bonus: The Loyalist Friend

This is the friend that knows you better than you know yourself, has been there with you the longest, they know how you operate, your strengths & weaknesses. They are there for you no matter what through up and downs. Just the definition of a ride or die friend They keep you level headed and love you regardless of the amount of success or failures you've had and support you through it all

Now I have a challenge for you there are plenty of your friends that I am pretty sure fall into these categories. So my challenge to you is to find which friend is your, mentor, honest friend, and so forth. It is totally fine if your friends overlap that is actually a great thing.

Now the difficult part of the challenge is you may have a friend that doesn't fall into any of these categories. If so you may need to reevaluate the relationship, it's really important to surround yourself with people who are going to help motivate you. This is why I always say it is important to hang and be around the right people, because those are the people that are going to talk into your life and keep you going.

It is also important to make sure that you are the same kind of friend and identify which category you fit into.

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