Ambition Is The New Pink Women’s History Month Shopping Guide| 50 Women of Color Owned Brands to Shop Love Support

Ambition Is The New Pink Women’s History Month Shopping Guide| 50 Women of Color Owned Brands to Shop Love Support

Ambition Is The New Pink Women’s History Month Shopping Guide:

50 Women of Color Owned Brands to Shop, Love & Support

Breann Cook
Your favorite ambitionista, wife, & mother follow the journey @ambitionisthenewpink @iamambitiousbree

In light of what's going on currently in the world I still wanted to honor  Women’s History Month celebrate our accomplishments. With that being said let's make it happen and build together. Today is the perfect time to reach out to some women you’ve been admiring from a far to collaborate and create magic together. 

With two weeks left to celebrate Women’s History Month let’s celebrate accomplishments of Women of color entrepreneurs that make ish happen and inspire others to do the same. And let’s state the FACTS that Black Women to date are still leading the pact as America’s “Fastest growing economic force”- according to Forbes despite the numerous cards stacked against us (i.e lack of funding, start-up capital, resources) that most of our counterparts never face. We’ve proven time and time again that our unwavering ambitious spirit and drive helps us create solutions and inspires others to do the same.

So we’re bringing you ambitious ladies the heat with our curated list of 50 women of color owned businesses to shop, love and support with also a few words from owners about why it is important to support women of color owned businesses. From fashion, beauty, home decor & more there’s something for everyone. And let’s remember to be purposeful with our spending and where our dollars go, supporting big brands is cool, but supporting our own feels better. Plus at this time it's very important to support small businesses as much as possible.


FE Noel

FE Noel is a womenswear designer from Brooklyn, NY with a passion for travel, a love of vibrant colors and penchant for bold prints. The founder Felisha “Fe” Noel influenced by her Grenadian heritage and has mastered the art of bottling up culture and glamour infused with sensibility and sensuality.

Nichole Lynel & NL The Label

Social media favorite fashionista and designer Nicole Lynel offers contemporary chic with her online boutique and effortless glam pieces with herself labeled brand for the Glam girl on the go. Her statement making pieces are fab and 


Social media and LA locals favorite boutique. BFLY LA is a trendy boutique for fly girls that always gets the new fly items first. BFLY LA carries a broad selection for every fly woman’s style or mood of sophisticated fun to party girl on the scene. And items sell out fast. So if you see something you better hurry add to cart and check out.

The Style Animal & Co

If you want to make a statement The Style Animal Co literally has the perfect pieces to do just that. For the bold, bitchy, & bomb ladies.

Words from Chanise:

"Growing up my mom used to tell me that I had to work 3 times as hard because of the color of my skin. Today, though not much has changed there is a sense of belonging and inspiration that I bring to other women of color. It’s a proud moment, because I can eventually open doors and create opportunities for other women. It’s important to support this generation of black women entrepreneurs, so that we can build communities that we don’t otherwise have access to for our future, our daughters, our friends, and our sisters."

- Chanise

SHE The Collection

After years of blogging and recycling fashion Carmen decided to produce the clothing that she received numerous inquiries about selling. Our signature cut at the bottom or incorporated into designs came from a DIY of a leather skirt made in 2013, the cut was an accident as she was aiming for a different style and got a little scissor friendly our signature was born. After being inspired by current trends but discouraged by the fit of most clothing She The Collection's design process started. She The Collection is for the modern woman, the curvy, girly, edgy, and trendy girl of the current generation. 


A luxury streetwear brand for women. The RXCH caters to the luxurious, bold and sexy. A celebrate favorite from Cardi B, Saweetie, Gabrille Union and more. 

Gray Scale

Trendsetting women's brand for the bold and fearless.

Words from Khala:

"Being a black woman, we are faced with daily struggles that only the black woman is strong enough to overcome. Far too often we are the butt of tasteless jokes and treated as a lower class citizen. Being a black woman in business adds an extra layer of bullshit on top of that! However, being able to climb over the obstacles to get to the point of ownership whatever that business may be, is a huge success. To receive any sort of support from people that don’t even know you is further confirmation that you’re living in your purpose and understanding that by leading, you have a great responsibility to uphold."

"Representation is important for black women, and without that support for our businesses we wouldn’t be able to have a platform to do so. So buying black gives our peers and generations that follow the hope that they can to do it too, and then some!"


Ambitiously HER by Ambition Is The New Pink

Is our merch site curated by our founder. For the fly ambitious woman on the go that's making ish happen. Shop consisting of all things cute, fly, ambitious that you make you feel good and want to accomplish the day. 

Words from Breann:

"Being a woman of color and sharing my story is very important to me as I control my narrative and set an example not only for my daughter, but for other women and young girls. That see me get up everyday and bring my visions to life while trying to balance being a partner, mother, friend and business woman. It's not no easy feat, but it's all worth it. It's important to support women of color owned businesses because you're supporting a dream of someone that stepped out on faith, but also has the opportunity to build and bring others along that don't have the same opportunities as our counterparts.

Bad Girl Good Human

Bggh is a way of life. This platform encourages women to live outside the box, speak their truth, and embrace their duality. i’m just here to ensure those stories are told.

Words from Orixa:

"I believe the importance of being a WOC + owning a business is sharing your story. So often we think we are alone in our life experiences until we hear a familiar tune. Something that hits you + makes you reflect on where you've come from, where you're going. For me, I have found comfort in journeys more than the "success". To expose is a form support in + of itself. Because whether you know it or not, speaking your truth has gave someone in the world relief."



Hanifa is a contemporary Ready-to-Wear apparel line for Women Without Limits. Our collections in sizes 0-20 are feminine and chic. Featuring an array of colors and textures that cater to the natural curves of a woman's physique. We design for everyday extraordinary women like you who embody class while setting their own rules. 

Raw Refuge

A urban lifestyle site and curated shop.

Born to Roam

A bold statement accessory brand for those who want to be noticed.

Local European

An elegant street essentials brands designed by Alexandra Bunch. Made in Los Angeles.

Shop Avenue N

AVNU is a Streetwear brand created by Nareasha Willis, which features a blend of contemporary and streetwear apparel for women and men. AVNU targets the modern day fashion activist who loves fashion and acknowledges the importance of its role in our society. AVNU is unafraid to disrupt the fashion industry by setting its own trends. Featuring an array of controversial statements, colors, ad textures, AVNU boldly creates a voice for garments, and the individuals wearing them.

Intertwine Collection

Founders Shanda and Shawniece love for style and fashion began at a very young age. So their decision to venture into the world of fashion and launch their very own e-boutique was only natural. Intertwine Collection celebrates fashion forward women who exude confidence and are constantly expressing themselves through bold, daring and unique ways. Intertwine Collection carries top quality styles and designs. Our mission is to deliver the most compelling shopping experience for our customers. We are dedicated to maintaining 100% customer satisfaction by understanding our customer’s needs to the fullest extent. The IC sisters pride themselves in keeping up with the latest trends and styles and leading women all across the globe to the next level of glam.

Love Vera

Love, Vera is an intimates brand that celebrates black women, black entrepreneurship, and black cultural influence. The name stems from the love that Vera maintains for others and its limitless power as a problem solver, peacemaker, and unifier.

Black women make things cool, but remain outsiders to leadership and business opportunities in fashion. Love, Vera is going to change that.

Shoes & Accessories

Twelve Am & Co

Statement shoes that cause conversation Twelve Am serves women across the world who admire exclusivity and aim to set themselves apart through STYLE & HUSTLE.

Onyx & Clo

Statement pieces for the everyday chic

Glamaholic Lifestyle

Glamaholic Lifestyle is designed by everyone's favorite hustler  & go-getter Mia Ray from Detroit. No one does it like Mia with her IG Live modern day HSN style releases and we love it. Be Glam, Be Fab, Be You! Glam-Aholic Lifestyle provides quality everyday essentials, for the everyday woman!  

Kashmir VIII 

Kashmir Thompson is a 25-year-old visual artist from Cleveland, Ohio currently residing in Georgia. With work heavily inspired by 90’s and Hip Hop culture (think Living Single and Kanye West), her vivid work has developed a cult following across the country. Thompson is a graduate of the Cleveland School of the Arts where she majored in Visual Communications and minored in Creative Writing.

Grace Eleyae

Modern hair protection that actually works. Stylish silk and satin lined products that eradicate bed head, frizz, breakage, and more anytime and anywhere.

Mocha Mane

Curated hair accessories for us by founder Heleica Williams who conceived the dream behind Mocha Mane about three years ago because she felt like there was a lack in representation throughout the beauty and commercial community for kinkier textured hair. Textured hair is truly an adornment and it heavily bothered me to see it being constantly altered to fit societal norms instead of just loving the way that it grows. She started to draw up concepts of color schemes and bold statements to represent the love that she had for her kinky textured hair and figured out a way to spread that very love in a bold yet light manner. It's her version of perfect. These hair accessories represent us and are created by us. Helecia's desire is to incorporate every aspect of our culture no matter the background. #canrelate 

Curl Cap

Is the baseball cap for all the beautiful curly ladies. Designed for curly hair it’s a large baseball cap with a cutout in the back so that you can wear your gorgeous hair and not worry about it getting flat.


The Lip Bar

The Lip Bar is a vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand that exists to help change the way you think about beauty. Every day people are being told how to be beautiful - so we’re here to remind you that you don’t have to change. You Are Enough!

Words from Melissa:

"As a female and black woman, it’s natural for me to fight to be heard. I know what it is to be underserved and not have representation. So when I started The Lip Bar, it was always my goal to serve the community that has typically been overlooked and ignored. And it’s not just black women. A great deal of our customers are WOC, but support doesn’t stop there. We speak to plus sized women, women of different religious backgrounds, Asian women. And it has always been my passion to remind them that they are beautiful as is. My identity shaped the way I view oppression in its many forms. So when I started The Lip Bar it was always a goal to break that glass ceiling, to broaden the stereotype, to be the change I wanted to see. "

- Melissa

Black Girl Sunscreen

Revolutionary sunscreen for women of color made with Natural ingredients. Black Girl Sunscreen uses NO parabens, or other harmful chemicals while infusing the finest ingredients to shield and moisturize your melanated skin without the dreaded white residue common with most sunscreen.

Words from Shontay:

"The time is now for black female entrepreneurship. African Americans purchase nine times more beauty and grooming products than any other ethnic group yet own less than 1% of that market share. So supporting each other takes on a new importance and its refreshing to see this mindset flourish. Black female entrepreneurship has quadrupled and it continues to cultivate and manifest itself. With that, the goal is retain the black dollar within the community so we can win and thrive together. "

- Shontay

Meraki Organics

Meraki sources the finest quality botanicals and ingredients from around the world then activates each product with gemstones to create high vibrational highly effective Hair Care Essentials that nourish and replenish your hair.

Pretty Strands

Revolutionary blend of natural ingredients that gives your strands life and makes them #Pretty

Words from Courtney:

"One of the most valued things in life is having support; people who truly believe in you. This is especially crucial when not only starting your business from the ground up; but also as a woman of color. Having the will and determination definitely carries you far. But being surrounded by people who truly love, and have faith in your success helps push you far beyond any finish line. Now as a woman of color, so many other unseeable factors are unfortunately added to the plate. This is why support is something I would consider indispensable. And in the long run, it doesn’t just benefit the business; but it also benefits the community of others that are involved."

- Courtney  

Camille Ariane Brows

Inspired by both the nostalgic naturally thick brow trends of the 1980's and the impeccably arched brows of the 1990's, Camille Ariane Brows is a timeless collection of products created to help individuals be their most beautiful selves, effortlessly. Each product is specially formulated to be long wearing and water-resistant so that your brows, and your confidence, stay in place- no matter what life throws at you.

Words from Camille:

"As a black woman I have the power to assert both my heritage and gender in a way that speaks not just to my life, but also my brand. I can create a brand that works for everyone and be as unapologetically black in my approach to product branding as I must be in my day to day life."

"I want to make a difference in my community and beyond. I first have to start with what I know though. As I develop into a budding authority in the beauty industry, I vow to encourage and uplift women who look like me and who hustle like me. PERIOD!"

Diamonds By Dominique

All natural luxury skincare brand by Dominique. Sources the finest Mediterranean sea salts and African Shea butter for body scrub and butters. That leave your skin super soft, moisturized, and silky. All scents smell like edible flavors.

Beauty Beez Store

BeautyBeez is the one-stop shop for all of your beauty needs. With the client at the center of the experience, our diverse group of professional and knowledgeable beauty experts are able to effectively educate and assist, while you explore. 

Girl + Hair

Founded by Dr. Camille Verovic, UNDER HAIR CARE™ is the first natural hair care line formulated for nourishing your natural or relaxed hair while wearing protective styles. Your search is over for the most ideal hair care regimen for cleansing and protecting your natural hair while wearing weaves, braids or wigs. Girl + Hair created these products because they want to take the labor out of caring for your natural hair underneath your hair extensions. They use protective, fortifying and conditioning ingredients to maximize the growth, retention and strength of the natural hair follicles. All of their UNDER HAIR CARE™ products and packaging have been developed for easy application and use.

The Crayon Case

The Crayon Case is a cosmetic line dedicated to amateur make-up users and aspiring make-up artists. Aiming to encourage all people to treat their face as a blank canvas, as they pursue the ultimate creation of their personal masterpiece. Founded by social media influencer Supa Cent. Staying true to herself and never conforming she has created a safe haven for amateur make-up artist and newbies to the make-up world. Crayon Cuties are obsessed, crashing sites, and begging for re-launch days after continuous product sell outs.

Elle Johnson & Co

LaVonndra “Elle'' Johnson, North Carolina native and brand strategist, became a skincare enthusiast after witnessing so many women struggle with skin conditions, oftentimes leading to lowered self-esteem and confidence, and a reliance on artificial beauty. Her own battle with extremely oily skin, causing black heads, lead her to seek viable options for skincare. After trying chemical based products, which contained harsh chemicals and caused severe dryness and rash, Elle sought out natural remedies to calm the skin and aid in a clearer and even skin tone.

Words from Elle:

"Being a WOC owned brand is significantly important in today's conversations of inclusion, diversity, and equality. WOC owned brands have a disadvantage in nearly all aspects, as we often times lack resources, funding, and support. A key component to us having longevity comes in the form of support from our communities. That support being the whole of several integral parts; financial support, educational support, availability and access to business resources to better facilitate production and logistics, etc. Although we're a fast growing demographic, we work twice as hard as our counterparts; white men, black men, and white women, and often times with a payout that's substantially less. It's the support from our communities and business alliances that get us by until we're turning a profit and able to become financially stable. That support is what keeps us going and often times gives us that extra push to continue on this journey. As WOC owned brands, we're full aware of the fight required to make our mark, and instead of shying away from it, we boldly walk in it and command respect, as well as our rightful place."


Hue Noir

Hue Noir is on a mission to change the face of beauty by putting multicultural women at the center of the modern beauty movement. Blending COLOR + SCIENCE + TECHNOLOGY, they develop innovative, everyday makeup solutions ideal for customers with nuanced skin tones ranging from fair to deep.

Words from Paula:

“As a women of color who owns a beauty business, I recognize that I am in an industry that has a long track record of not listening to the specific beauty needs of women of color. It was very important to me to establish a company that has ownership not only of our beauty brand but also ownership of our products, our manufacturing and our marketing. Hue Noir is run by women of color to meet the needs of women of color beauty consumers. Having the support of the consumers that we work so hard for means the world to us!”


E Honey Skin

Erika Briana Clark, Founder and CEO of E~honey Skin Care LLC, is a young driven woman who has a passion for Skin Care.During Erika’s junior year of college as a Pre-Med student she sought out an opportunity and volunteered at the Skin of Color Research Institute at Hampton University. Shortly thereafter she found herself immersed in Research on the role that various Molecular markers play in Keloid fibrosis, the structure and function of the skin and the process of wound healing. Keloids are a phenomenon most commonly found in people with Skin of Color.

After a stressful Senior year completing her undergraduate degree in Biology, Erika found herself with an acne problem and an even deeper interest in skin care. Through time & experimentation, she was able to treat some of her break outs through diet and home remedies. She then scheduled a visit to see a Dermatologist and discussed more advanced treatment. As her passion grew and she began working side by side with a Dermatologist for 1 year, she decided to work with a lab to create her own skin care line.

Words from Erika:

"Being a woman of color owned beauty business is necessary. Women of

color are elite and unique. Despite disadvantages women of color face

and defeating statistics we continue to thrive at side hustles, growing

businesses, and partnerships. It may sound cliche but the support I

receive means everything to me. You can create something and believe in

it but real influence comes from getting other people to believe in you

and your products as well. I didnt know I was a visionary until I just

tried and now Im running with it! I hope to inspire little brown girls

to follow their dreams, feel comfortable in their skin, and continue to

glow. The beauty industry is overwhelming and brands emerge left and

right but being a woman of color in beauty is extremely important. Women

of color have to continue to represent, create, and influence the world."

- Erika

Eve Milan Beauty NY

EVE MILAN™| New York is a luxury skin care company founded by Eden Gilliam, an esthetician with almost 10 years experience in the skin care industry. After working hands on with thousands of people she gained first hand insight on the day to day struggles people have with their skin to launch EVE MILAN. All the products are made free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, artificial color and fragrance to limit your exposure to toxins.

Words from Eden:

"“We live in a world where women of color possess so much power and authority to shift entire industry and we are still over looked. Being a black women in business is putting black women in the drivers seat where we are represented, respected and rewarded for who we are and all that we have to offer. Support means everything to black-female owner business. When you support us, you are paying homage to the women who poured into us and you a securing the lineage of intelligent, independent women who will come after us. Every comment, every like on social media, every share and purchase means the world to us and we couldn’t be in business without your support. “

- Eden

Lotti Belle

The Lotti Belle Experience is to change the future of black hair for women of color as we help restore the confidence they need, first by getting down to the root of their scalp problem. The Lotti Belle Mother Oil is a formula that regains self-worth, self-esteem, and most importantly something that organically works for hair as well as your mind, body, and soul. 

Zandra Beauty

Zandra is a social good company that educates + empowers girls & women across the globe via STEAM Education & Entrepreneurship. As a plant based, cruelty-free, eco friendly small business in Western New York, we are committed to sustainable practices with a priority on how gentle and sensitive skin can be. The mission is to create high quality, fun + fresh products that smell amazing but don't have all the unnecessary yucky stuff + chemicals.

Hyper Skin

A hyper-focused skincare brand created by Desiree Verdejo to help with hormonal acne and hyper pigmentation.


Hairbrella created by Tracy Pickett is a hat combining fashion and function to protect various hair styles, lengths, and textures from the rain and humidity. Because if you're anything like me, you believe in protecting and taking care of your hair at all cost! 

The Honey Pot

The mission of The Honey Pot Company is to educate, support, and provide women around the world with the tools and resources that promote feminine health and wellness. Through their functional plant-based feminine care system, the goal is to provide women with a healthy alternative to feminine care that is free of chemicals, parabens, carcinogens, and sulfates. The washes are gynecologist approved, clinically tested and pH balanced. I personally have been using several of their products for some time now & I promise you won't go back to using other brands. Their pads and washes are the truth!

Home & Work

Mindful Fee

Everyone's favorite home girl Felicia Latour inspiring women to tap in to their full potential and live their best authentic lives. By encouraging women and mothers to believe in their inner spark! With merch and apothecary essentials to make them feel good.

Words from Felicia:

"Being a woman of color is one of the most powerful things I was born into, I didn't always recognize my strength, I didn't always embrace my story and up bringing . Now that I am a mother of 2 and have 2 businesses, I am FULL in my WOC power! I learned that being a WOC IS my power! My story IS my power, my business IS my power, my community IS my power. All things work together and when we realize we are powerful as woman , that's when we can really move mountains !!!" 

- Felicia 


UNWRP created by Ashley Fouyelle offers a curated selection of fun and cool gifting options that you absolutely will love. Its gift giving with personality! Not only are their products luxe in quality but they make sure they’re sustainable by nature.

Pardon My Fro

Be it through their signature line of shower curtains, eye catching travel bags, or super comfy tees, PMF has something just for you that’s functional and fabulous! All products are made with a careful attention to detail and exceptional quality; and many items feature the color green because it’s the color of life, renewal, and energy.

Chic Geeks

Born and raised in Southern California, Candice Adams, Creator of Chic Geeks, loves to shine and stand out from the crowd. After earning an MBA from Pepperdine University, she married her love of fashion and technology with a colorful line of tech accessories. A nerd at heart, she dreams of making all geeks chic with stylish patterns and luxe textures. Her fresh take on tech is sure to liven up and renew your workspace!

Posh Candle & Co

Mission is to inspire women to be their authentic selves by using catchy phrases and statements that encourage a positive mindset, promote self-love, spark laughter and offer an on-trend approach to the relaxing flicker of a candle flame. But we don't want you to purchase just any candle. We know that something as small as lighting a candle has the potential to spark some amazing things so each candle is made out of love, fun and excitement for life.

Words from Tay:

"Being a black woman owned business is important because it has always been a part of our heritage. Historically, we created businesses right out of our homes doing hair, sewing, cooking and childcare for our neighbors so entrepreneurship for us is an opportunity for us to gain visibility and find success in various industries. It’s so important for us to have support because many times we have to work so much harder than others to get our businesses off the ground and access resources that helps us grow. I’m fortunate to have a supportive tribe that wants to see me win. If it’s not financial support such as making a purchase, they’re telling people about my business, posting my products and offering a helping hand."



Luxury candle founded on celebrating the rich history of black culture. Every scent has a beauty story to tell.

Modish Decor Pillows

Originally From New York City, Chantal Bradley grew up with a passion for interior design which inspired her to launch Modish Decor Pillows. She creates handmade pillows that represent her posh style in home decor. Modish Decor Pillows create a modern, effortless look that can behance any living or work space.


June & Mars

June and Mars is the brainchild of Cristina Martinez, a mother, artist, and designer based in Seattle, Washington. The eclectic art studio creates original canvas art and limited-edition prints with a focus on women, celebrities (think: Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Cardi B), floral patterns, and colorful abstract designs.

Bouffants & Broken Hearts

Philly-based artist Kendra Dandy is the creator behind the wildly popular Instagram art page Bouffants & Broken Hearts. Having partnerships with brands like Coach, Kiss, and Vans (which resulted in her own co-produced apparel/shoes line a few years ago!), Dandy’s skill set and fun, whimsical designs make her one to watch in 2020 and beyond. If you’re looking to score your very own original or Bouffants & Broken Hearts art print, you’re in luck — several of the brand’s surface patterns, fashion illustrations, beauty illustrations, and more are available at prices as low as $30.

Addie Rawr

Adrienne or as most know her, Addie Rawr, is an modern artrepreneur focusing on uplifting women of color through her visuals and products. Addie Rawr began creating designs in 2012 while still attending classes at Virginia Commonwealth University leading to the development of Art & Ambition Studios. Since a young girl living in Norfolk, VA, Addie was always interested in the arts and was never afraid to show her creative side. Years later, Addie is using her skills to paint unique, vibrant and relatable designs that she spreads across an array of merchandise. Also also makes time to mentor artists and share her resources with organizations geared towards providing resources to Black Creatives. While she prides herself for being a social butterfly and go-getter, Addie enjoys living a simple life of home cooking and personal time with her family & friends.

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