Boss Babes Tapped IN! Presented by Ambition Is The New Pink

Boss Babes Tapped IN! Presented by Ambition Is The New Pink

A Virtual Workshop Series With Some Ambitious Women That Are Making Ish Happen!

For those of you that ever joined us for an Ambition Is The New Pink workshop or event, you already know the vibes. 

This time we’re back with Boss Babes Tapped In! — a virtual workshop series for fearless women of color entrepreneurs who love to talk business over music and your favorite cocktails or mocktails. Join us for an hour-long boss talk with industry leaders dishing the real truth about how their businesses, how they started and building for the future, and what you can do to model their moves.

Join as we have a discussion with:

Desi of The Rozay Quartz

Areial of Twelve Am & Co

Lashana of Maintaining the ME in Marriage & Motherhood

Camille Ariane of Camille Ariane Makeup

Chanise of The Style Animal.Co

Plus, meet a network of dope women from various industries around the country who may be just what you need for future projects and partnerships. Because we are all in this together! Never Forget!

Kicking Things Off With

The Foundation Of Branding & Marketing

Do you love Ambition Is The New Pink website? And all of our branding and marketing materials? Come join us tomorrow evening as we have a discussion with our dope graphic designer behind it all Desi Renee of The Rozay Quartz. We've been working together for the past 6 years. And she works with a lot of dope brands such as:

The Crayon Case

Snob Life

Kaleidoscope Hair Products

And more!

Breann Cook
A 3 Michellin star chef based in Melbourne, Australia.

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