How I Became An Entrepreneur

How I Became An Entrepreneur

How I Became An Entrepreneur

Bree C
Renowned fashion designer with a flair for the simplistic and unique style.

Let me share my story on how I became an entrepreneur. So my senior year of high school, my dream job was to become a fashion buyer for one of the big retailers. Where I would buy clothing for the company I worked for, go to fashion shows, and travel the world. Then take all the tools and resources I learned and build to open my own boutique.

Fast forward to my sophomore year of college sitting in Merchandise Math class, mind you a class that I was getting A’s on every test with one of my favorite teachers to date Ms. Busvoski as she was going over a retail math equation and it hit me… BAM! I don’t want to be a buyer! Just like that it hit me while in class learning math formulas for buying. See over the course of that year (2007) especially while taking that class I learned that the career of buying in the fashion industry was rapidly changing drastically. Buyers were no longer experiencing the creative side such as traveling and attending fashion weeks in different countries, they were now mostly in the office, planning, merchandising and crunching numbers. For a creative individual such as myself that sounded like a slow death! (Sigh!) At that moment I started trying to figure out how I could start my own business.

Fast forward to the next year 2008 I was a full time student, working as a Assistant Visual Manager at Guess in the Beverly Center and as a Showroom Assistant for a big showroom at the time in the California Market Center where I was soaking up a lot of game. Let’s just say the owners were living in Calabasas before the Kardashians made Calabasas known and they were making $$$.

Working for the showroom I was able to learn A LOT. I always had side hustles, from flipping sneakers to fashion show productions when needed (S/O to Sherri) she kept me & a few friends of mine in rotation to make some extra coins in college. The Summer of 2008 pregnant with my daughter Skye. I decided that I had worked my ass off and that it was time to start really building something for myself and baby. And my first business was born. 

To now were in 2020 AITNP is up and going. I say all this to say it’s not about where or how you start, it’s how you keep going pushing forward.

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