Mommypreneur Uncut

Mommypreneur Uncut

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Mommypreneur Uncut

LaShana Stephens

Relationship Coach "Modern Mommie Mogul" Self Improvement with Style and a Sense of Humor catch more of me on my podcast @Maintaining The Me In Marriage & Motherhood

Mommypreneur- Noun. A woman who sets up and runs her own business in addition to caring for her young child or children.

Daydream for a minute…Close your eyes and take a minute to let this mommypreneur idea sink in….Schedule made from heaven full of flexibility, a nanny, spa days, midweek brunches, spontaneous vacations, scheduled mani & pedi's, hair done every week… Why? Cuz you’re the fucking BOSS!!!! You’re ready to floss on the gram in all your cute mommy and me matching outfits, you have a surplus of time so you have date nights on deck… You fittin back in your pre-pregnancy fits.. SNATCHED! #gymlife #plantbased #vegan Gotcha man back sprung like the old days... You a BOSS BITCH! YOU BALLIN! Callin shots! A dream life!!

Now…. Wake that ass up!!! If it were only as easy as it sounds. Moms who have already started on an entrepreneurial path can vouch that the google definition of a mommypreneur is as surface as the google definition of a mom.

It doesn’t include the real schedule of the family. Late nights and early mornings, taking the kids to school and picking them up, extracurricular activities (gymnastics, football, dance, piano, karate, basketball ,etc.) homework, your schedule, your husband/partner's work schedule, grocery shopping, preparing breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack (when you pick them up from school because they’re always starving) dinner, cleaning, laundry and the spontaneous shit that pops up without warning (it changes every day).

It also doesn’t include how you’re paying for all of this “Boss Bitch” lifestyle when you’re starting a business and depending on what kind of business you’re starting you need merchandise, marketing supplies, pictures, business licenses, trademark registering, trainings, etc. Even if you’re starting with a simple business of selling one T-shirt or sunglasses. Count the cost. There’s cost in the merchandise, packaging, shipping, marketing etc. So you can’t expect to be balling out the gate. And all that stress. You’re going to want to eat something fried, delicious and/or sweet.  Perhaps a cocktail and on some days straight shots so don’t be too pressed to get back to high school skinny. It’s life!

I’m not saying this to discourage you. Or to say all of those dreamy accolades don’t exist, and won’t one day be a reality. I’m just saying to get to it it’s going to be HARDWORK and it’s a PROCESS! You may even have to keep or get back to your 9-5 to be your own investor so don’t burn any bridges on the way out. There’s levels to this lifestyle and I would hate for you to get into it blind sighted and get clipped because weren’t prepared. You will have to work and you will have to work harder and smarter with an iron clad daily schedule. So I suggest you get a big calendar for the main room in your house for everyone to have access to, learn how to be an early riser and start scoping out your village of helpers. Oh.. you don’t like to ask for help? Get over it.. you’re going to need it from everyone especially God so don’t forget prayer in your business plan!

I’ve been a mom for 21 years and have always been a mommypreneur whether full time or part time. If you know me…. I’ve either done your hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, or you’ve bought something from me whether it was Mary Kay or Indian hair!!! LOL! The financial vulnerability of being a mom has made mommypreneurship a priority and a way of life for me... Especially when I was a single mom! The fact is I have always valued my presence with my children so I have always prioritized flexibility over income. Sometimes, you will have to choose. As your family grows and your children get older… your priorities change and your hustle may have to change. I am a therapist/ certified life coach and last year I got an opportunity to work at an agency to get my hours to become licensed (day job). I am married and I am a mom of four (3 still in the nest) and they’re 10, 12 and 14 now and they’re schedules continue to be more demanding of our time. So those service side hustles coupled with work were keeping me out of the house, often overworked, and disconnected from my family at times. They’re also not aligned with my career, passion or purpose.

Boss women are a powerful, independent, shot calling, forces to be reckoned with… Which means you may not be so desirable to your husband/partner who may feel more like the nanny or the assistant to your venture even if it’s benefiting the family. You may not have the time or the motivation to prioritize regular date nights when the relationship starts to feel more like a “Big Dick” challenge than a partnership. IT HAPPENS… It’s hard for men so be mindful of your peacock-iness once the wheels start rolling. If you want a healthy balanced relationship understand confidence can be caring and humble too. Have open dialogue on a continuous basis and don’t forget to be a wife (whatever that means in your relationship).

In this season of my life, I needed a mommypreneurship that is more flexible and aligned with my career which is why I started the podcast Maintaining the Me in Marriage and Motherhood. I thought the podcast would be a great outlet and tool to connect with people and share my passion for working with families (moms and wives) and make extra money. It’s something new for me so I am starting again from the ground up. I am no different than you going through this journey step by step growing and learning. So I want to encourage you on this journey to do your research, stay true to yourself, keep positive people around you, get a good mentor, and don’t lose focus of your why! 

In the famous words of one of the OG Mommypreneurs Mary Kay Ash- “God first, Family second, Career third”

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