Things To Do During Social Distancing

Things To Do During Social Distancing

Things To Do During Social Distancing

Breann Cook
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Let's go back to a little over a week ago, when everyone was out enjoying and living life as they pleased. Going out and hanging with family and friends on the regular. The Coronavirus came in and shut it all down like somebody Momma mad that you didn’t clean up her house and take out the chicken to defrost when she’s been at work all day to provide for you and your siblings. Lol! I take it as a sign that we all very well need to take a step back and take a real break to refocus and recharge. With more people having to work for home and the country having to practice social distancing it leaves us wondering, “What can I do from home.

Below is a list of thing that you can do from home while social distancing: 

1. Catch up on some much needed rest.

2. Cook some delicious healthy meals for yourself and family (have you checked out our recipes?)

3. Bake some tasty desserts with family. Some cupcakes & brownies never hurt anyone. Enjoy! 

4. Whip out the board games and have some much needed fun with the kiddos.

5. Map out a game plan on paper to launch that business you’ve been putting off, that new podcast, or things you’ve been putting off in your current business. Basically stop beating around the bush, tap in and execute. You have the time now. No excuses!

6. New podcast to listen to keep you motivated.

7. Group Facetime calls with family and friends are always fun and brings you back to the phone chat day instead you can see and know who you are talking to.

8. Finish home projects that you’ve been putting off.

9. Workout/Yoga get your workout on and try to use this time to meditate or use yoga to balance yourself and align your thoughts.

10. Netflix & Chill! Literally! Which is a given, create a list of shows and movies to watch. 

11. Go out and get some fresh air and sunlight. Sunlight and fresh air is needed as it recharges you and helps you think more clearly.

12. Read. It is important to read as much as possible to keep your brain working and not being idle.

13. Self-Care. Is always a must! But now that you have the time go for it and pull out the face masks.

I hope this list benefits you and helps you find some things to do to make the most of your time.

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